Open Letter To our Students  

All of us will eventually be faced with a medical or traumatic emergency. When this crisis arises the victim may be a family member, a friend, neighbor, coworker or someone in our care. The well being of those persons may very likely depend on the training you have received. Knowing what is at stake, choose carefully before you decide on just who should be providing your emergency training.

My name is Joe Andrade, and I am the founder Life Saving Education. My intention was to create a training center that consistently delivers high quality, low stress, evidence-based emergency medical training to the public, as well as to Health Care Professionals. I am proud to admit that I work diligently to present the latest and best that emergency medicine has to offer. I have surrounded myself with a staff of highly capable, intelligent, passionate, and experienced providers/instructors to ensure that you will leave us confident and better prepared to serve tomorrow’s patients. 

You can choose to take one of our courses at our training center, at your place of business, or in the comfort of your home, knowing that our courses are designed to maximize knowledge and skills retention.

Compare our testimonials, and then decide.


Joseph Andrade
Life Saving Education
Lead Instructor